Multicultural teams-Nightmare or sweet dreams? 

För att nå framgång i dagens globala affärsmiljö måste företag fokusera på sin kärnverksamhet. Alla distraktioner saktar ner tempot och företaget riskerar att förlora viktiga konkurrensfördelar.

Vi analyserar ert företags kompetensbehov inom språk, kommunikation och affärskultur och sätter därefter ihop ett behovsanpassat program både för individer och team. 

Let us help you achieve international success!

In order to achieve success in today's global business environment, companies need to focus on their core business. Distractions slow down the pace in your company and you run the risk of losing important competitive advantages.

Effective Communication
We analyse your business skill requirements regarding Language, Communication and Culture and later design a programme based on your needs, both for individuals and teams. 

As your organisation becomes increasingly international, there are more demands on you. It is not easy to get your message across and convince people with the same background – but the challenge is greater when they have different values and beliefs, organise their world in different ways, and communicate and listen differently.

The Lewis Model of Culture (
click here for a multimedia demonstration) is the most practical theoretical approach to classifying cultures, and the easiest to apply to your work:

You may need to:

  • get your sales team to implement a new strategy 
  • recruit the right people for the right tasks 
  • convince your US parent company to modify their approach
  • speed up project work outsourced to India
  • sell your concept to the Japanese

With us you will find out your own Personal Cultural Profile, get an experiential introduction to the model and learn how to apply it to communication, presentation, negotiation, decision-making, leadership, managerial effectiveness and working in/leading teams.

Your increased self-knowledge and improved understanding of other cultural types will lead you to act in ways which will improve your professional results.